Friday, 24 February 2012

MAC Creating Marilyn Monroe-Inspired Makeup Collection.

MAC, usually known for its cutting-edge cosmetics, has announced plans to offer a limited edition collection of Marilyn Monroe-inspired makeup. According to WWD, the product launch will introduce approximately 30 items, including eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick and nail lacquer, all created to conjure the sultry star's retro style.

At first the trend-setting company's choice to evoke the blond bombshell might seem inconsistent when compared with their many eclectic celeb-inspired collections. However, MAC Senior Vice President James Gager explained to The Hollywood Reporter, "Marilyn's an icon, plain and simple. Her look not only defined a generation but also is relevant today...Marilyn's back in the zeitgeist." Indeed.

From what we've seen, the retro-looking makeup trend is only getting hotter, fueled by the latest round of runway shows. In addition, the Oscar-nominated film My Week With Marilyn starring Michelle Williams and the television drama Smash have sparked renewed interest in the beloved actress and her potent pulchritude.

MAC will launch the Marilyn-inspired line in October 2012.

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