Friday, 24 February 2012

Paris Hilton's Sexy 'Drunk Text' Video Leaks.

Paris Hilton never meant you to see that music video for "Drunk Text," her collaboration with Manufactured Superstars, so it's unlikely the track will appear on her upcoming sophomore album. Though the song was in keeping with the "Ibiza feel" Hilton's spoken so much of in recent interviews, it must not have lived up to the wholesome image she's been trying to shop in the past year or so. Paris is reformed, y'all, and that means no flat monologues about getting wasted and sending upskirt pictures to men named Adam.

A few tweets posted to the Manufactured Superstars account make it clear that Hilton's video was meant to be swept under the rug: "FYI we put out the "drunk text" version with Lea Luna 2 months ago the one with paris is never coming out it leaked."

The blonde, meanwhile, has refrained to comment on the music video, although she did Tweet late Wednesday night, "You only have one life to live. Stop caring what everyone thinks & do what makes you happy. Life is way too short. Live it!"

UPDATE: Paris' spokesperson has confirmed "Drunk Text" won't be on her upcoming album, stating, "This video was recorded over a year ago. The first single will be out in a few months, we will let everyone know when it's due for release."

The Manufactured Superstars also issued a statement: "Paris did this music video as a favor for us, it's not part of her new album. This is an unfinished rough-cut, which was not ready for release. We're looking into what happened and removing the illegal copies from the web. We've heard some songs from her new record which are incredible and are really going to surprise people."

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