Friday, 3 February 2012

Super Catchy Tune: R. Kelly's 'Share My Love'

Shocker: Your mom is probably going to like R. Kelly's new song "Share My Love." Sure, it shares thematic similarities with many of Kelly's most celebrated boner jams, with lyrics like, "Just lay your body right here babe / and let me tell you all the things I wanna do to you babe."

But the song is noticeably less raunchy than pretty much everything on the airwaves these days, thanks in part to its friendly disco-throwback groove. He's singing about sex, but not freaky car sex that might get you arrested. He just wants lovers to "populate!" and make the world a better place. How very Marvin Gaye of him.

Kelly had previously asserted that his next album would be titled Black Panties, but in a move perhaps meant to appease moms everywhere, he's going with the noticeably safer Write Me Back. One can only hope Kelly is saving up all his raunch for the next several chapters of Trapped in the Closet. Whatever the case, we can continue to expect great things from R. Kelly's long-anticipated memoir Soulacoaster, which is due in stores this fall.

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