Tuesday, 14 February 2012

TV Roundup: 'Glee' to Pay Tribute to Whitney Houston.

Glee producers have decided to dedicate the show's Valentine's Day episode to Whitney Houston (via E! News).

The episode, entitled "Heart," was already set to feature Mercedes (Amber Riley) singing Houston's legendary song "I Will Always Love You," but now Glee has decided to add a dedication card to the end credits. There are also reports that producers are scrambling to add some sort of larger musical tribute, although that seems almost impossible given the fact that the episode is set to air tomorrow.

Riley spoke with E! about the experience of singing Houston's iconic song, and about meeting her this past week. "Whitney's music meant so very much to me. I was very very choked up when I heard about her passing. I just met her this past Thursday," Riley revealed. "I've grown up listening to her voice ringing throughout our household. I'm so speechless. I can't believe that she passed."

The young actress met Houston at Kelly Price's pre-Grammy party on Thursday, just two days before she passed away. "I was really nervous...I was battling if I wanted to go over there because she is such an icon and she is such an inspiration to me. But I went over there and I thanked her for letting us use her music and entrusting it with us on Glee. And she said, 'What show are you on, baby?'" Riley remembered with a smile. "I said Glee and she said, 'Oh, you're welcome.' And she rubbed my hand and she said, 'God bless you' and I walked away and I almost started crying."

You can listen to Glee's version of "I Will Always Love You" ahead of Tuesday night's episode in the video link below.

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