Monday, 19 March 2012

Donald Trump Launches a Second Fragrance.

Donald Trump is launching a second fragrance. (And, yes, apparently he had a first.)

A lengthy piece in today’s WWD details the mogul’s latest scent venture, Success by Trump. While Trump thought his first fragrance (which was actually called “Donald Trump The Fragrance”) was “a success in his outlets”, the trade paper says it “fizzled” and “eventually dropped out of the news” after its November 2004 launch.

So, what does Success by Trump smell like? Lots and lots of things: fresh juniper, iced red currant, coriander, frozen ginger, fresh bamboo leaves, geranium, vetiver, tonka bean, birch wood, and musk. Trump believes the new fragrance will in fact be a success (punny!) because the “Trump family name has grown and become more powerful”:

“It’s funny, I’m the only one who will sell a $50 million apartment and also sell a tie. The celebrity aspect of it certainly has helped my real estate a lot. I put the name Trump National on my golf clubs and they fill up. I put the name Trump on a building and I do great with it. I don’t do it for the ego; I do it because it works. If it was purely ego, if you said, ‘Put the name Trump and you won’t do as well,’ I wouldn’t put the name on the building. I do much better because the name Trump is on a building or on a club.”

We’re not sure people want to smell like The Donald, but maybe we’ll be eating our words when the fragrance hits stores next month.


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