Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Justin Bieber's Hair Sells for $40,688.

Forget selling out stadiums: Justin Bieber's hair alone can fetch astronomical prices.

The pop star, who recently cut his famous 'do in favor a shorter style, donated a lock of his hair to Ellen DeGeneres when appearing on her program.

Ellen put the bit of Bieber on eBay, and bidding quickly heated up, as fans attempted to own a piece of the magic. By the time bidding ran out, the price was skyrocketing. In fact, in the final hour of bidding, the price rose from $16,800 to the winning bid of $40,668.00.

The winning bidder? Golden Palace, a casino known for shelling out for publicity stunts. All of the proceeds from the sale will go to The Gentle Barn Foundation, an animal rescue charity.

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